5 Date Ideas she is sure to Love!

by girlfriend.com
Wondering how to impress a new love interest? Fresh out of hot date ideas? Read our top 5 fun and sexy date ideas to really show your girl a great time!

Rent Bikes
! This is fun, casual, and sporty! Ride around the beach, a park, or a new part of town! End up at a cool little lunch spot, or pack a picnic! Your girl will be incredibly impressed by your unique date idea and planning abilities!

Rent a row boat at a nearby lake or pond and just float around enjoying each other’s conversation and having a relaxing afternoon. This is a great way to watch the sunset as well.

Go to a pottery painting place and do a craft together! It’s fun and flirty, go out for drinks before or after, and see where the night heads! Plus, you’ll have a fun memory to take home with you!

Have a progressive meal!
Start with a glass of wine at the first place, go on the an appetizer at the next place, go somewhere new for your main course, and end the evening with your favorite dessert! It’s fun and unique, plus who doesn’t like a little variety?!

Go bowling! This is a fun flirty date that everyone is sure to love! Most bowling alleys serve beer and wine, so start your evening there! After a little bowling session, go out to a nice, late dinner to round out the evening. This makes for a great first date, or an magnificent millionth!