Appropriate Gifts for Your Girlfriend

When it comes to buying gifts for your girlfriend based on different stages in your relationship, you’ll need to find something appropriate that is also meaningful and original.

Sometimes you have to open your heart and wallet to prove your love and show how much you really care, and that usually means buying her a gift. When it comes to gifts, sometimes a credit card speaks louder than words. The challenge to buying gifts for your significant other is trying to figure out what is appropriate, and what is not. The right gift can really make some points and get things going in a positive way, and the wrong gift can turn everything around just as easily.

Things really get tricky when the time factor is inserted into the equation. You’ll have to figure out whether or not you should get her jewelry if you've only been dating for a short time. And if you’ve been together for over a year, just how expensive should the gift be to show her you love her? The Christmas holiday season in particular, presents a call for gifts that really can’t be avoided.

When it comes to Holiday gifts based on different stages in a relationship, you’ll need to find something appropriate that is also meaningful and original. In order to take some of the headaches out of running around in the mall looking through endless potential gifts for your girlfriend, we’ve compiled a handy suggestion list of appropriate gifts based on the length of your relationship.

Beginning dating: 1-3 months
In the early stages you can’t go wrong picking out nice things for the house. Attractive desk ornaments, decorative bowls, fancy candles and tasteful candle holders will all work well. Desk clocks and alarm clocks also fit in this category.

Dating: 4 - 6 months
When your relationship has lasted over than three months, you‘ll need a gift that is less practical and more of an investment. Jewelry is good, but don’t go too expensive at first and start with something small like earrings. Perfume is another good choice, and anything by Calvin Klein would be good here, ands a nice designer body lotion set would go along well with the perfume.

Dating: 4 - 6 months
When your relationship that lasts about half a year, it again requires an moderate gift investment like jewelry, but you’ll have to go beyond just earrings this time, or get very nice earrings. Again, good perfumes will also work at 5 months, but it better be great perfume. At this point it is wise to stay away from the practical gifts, try to remember that items like hair dryers are just not intimate enough.

Dating: 1 year +
At this point you are locked in and your girlfriend will expect much more of everything when it comes to gifts. More elaborate, more original, more meaningful and let’s not forget that gifts will also have to be more expensive in a relationship that has made it past the one year mark. Be creative, you can always resort to jewelry again, after all, diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but surprising and original gifts like a surprise, short romantic vacation will score far more points. Once your relationship is past the one year mark, your wallet is not really your own exclusive territory anymore anyway, so you might as well get used to opening it wide, and often.