Christmas Gifts for Your Girlfriend

 The holidays are just around the corner, have you thought about what you are getting your beloved lady yet? Christmas time goes hand in hand with gift-giving, and gift giving isn’t just about holiday cheer or how much money was spent on the gift. It is about showing compassion, love, care and gratitude towards the people you love most.
So, what IS the perfect gift for your girlfriend? Well, a poorly chosen gift could give the impression that you have bad taste, or even worse, a lack attention or thoughtfulness for her. To avoid that, take great care in choosing the best present for your girlfriend; and remember, the price isn’t everything: it’s about love and respect.
Think about what your girlfriend is most interested in. For example, is she more feminine, outdoorsy, geeky or trendy? This kind of classification can help you pick the best present for her.

-    Is she into outdoor activities? Maybe get her a new snowboard, tent, or camping equipment.
-    Is she more girly? Try getting her a new perfume or a spa/massage day.
-    Is she trendy? Possibly get her the new iPhone or tablet or tickets to that upcoming concert.
-    Is she adventurous? Buy a pair of plane tickets to somewhere crazy.
-    Is she a romantic? Plan a picturesque dinner on a boat or with great city views to woo her.
-    Are you ballin’ on a budget? Get her flowers, an amazing card, cook a candlelight dinner at home, and maybe   make her a handmade gift. Thoughtfulness goes farther than dollars spent.

Remember, women love to be reminded how much you love, care, and think about them, so putting some thought into the gift as opposed to simply buying her the coolest to electronic can go a long way.

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