Date Night Idea of the Week: The Vow

Looking for a fun date night this week? Take your girl out for a fabulous night out with dinner and a movie! And which better movie than the sweet, funny, and love filled movie, The Vow!?  Your girl will love that you’re keeping her movie interests in mind while planning this date, and we know you’ll enjoy it too!

Channing Tatum and Rachel McAdams star is the major motion picture based off a true story.  Without giving away the good stuff, the movie is a heart wrenching love story about a real life couple that suffered through a traumatic car accident resulting in severe brain damage and extreme memory loss.  The movie takes you through the trials and tribulations of the couples road to recovery.  With reviews like, “Leaves you wanting more!” we know you’ll enjoy! The New York Post says, “These two stars bring believable chemistry and emotion to a film that might otherwise wilt under the weight of so much melodrama.” 

The story is based off the real life tragedies of Kim and Krickitt Carpenter who wrote a book about their marriage, also called The Vow. Only ten weeks after their wedding in 1993, a horrific car crash turned their lives upside down.  Krickett viewing her husband Kim as a stranger, he devotes his life to winning her heart again, and starting their relationship from the beginning again. 

After a nice romantic dinner, you and your girlfriend will love this love story! It is great for a date no matter which state you are in your relationship, whether you are newly dating or have been married for decades, each couple will have not only a laugh but also an affirmation of the love they share.