Suit Up For These Dating Combat Rules

​Many guys are often left wondering what they did wrong after a first date goes wrong. When the emails and phone calls don’t get returned, it can be a sign that your dating technique might need to be reset. Every man can use an edge in his romantic life and there are many different strategies on how to successfully woo a woman in those first few weeks of a new relationship. If your game has fallen off a bit lately, maybe a few of the time-tested dating tips listed below will give it a lift.
Don’t Get Desperate –
Acting semi-disinterested is part of the dating game that many women already know and employ. You should follow suit and don’t jump too soon. Resist the urge to spend 24 hours day with a new partner and especially in the first week. Don’t call her back right away and maintain your cool. Absence makes the heart grow fonder.
Don’t Jump into Bed –
Patience and self-control are great tools for increasing sexual tension and most women appreciate a man that doesn’t push for sex right away. When and if you do decide to do the deed, your patience will pay off.
Keep Your Cards Close –
A little bit of mystery and intrigue is good for a new relationship. Don’t tell her everything about yourself, your past relationships, or your job right away. Allow her to draw you out slowly.
Watch the Spending –
You don’t want to end up with a gold-digger that expects you to spend a lot of money on her right away. Take her to places where you can’t really spend that much in order to figure out what she's all about. Conversely, if she’s a frugal gal, showering her with expensive gifts could put an early end to your relationship.
Cool It with the Compliments –
Too many insincere, gushing compliments in the beginning of a relationship can be a big turn off. Keep your comments sensible and try to have a good time without pandering to her ego.
Maintain Your Privacy -
It’s always a good idea to maintain a bit of your own personal space and privacy early in a relationship. Making yourself an instant part of her daily life and meeting all her friends right away can be a liability you cannot afford. You won’t enjoy the relationship much if she always invites her friends to come along whenever the two of you get together. It’s probably a good idea to keep your new girlfriend away from your single pals in the beginning too. Well-meaning, but clumsy friends have driven many potential mates away.
Whatever your own particular dating situation might be, these common dating rules can help men level the playing field a bit when it comes to venturing into new relationships. Remember that the key to dating warfare is to focus on your ultimate success while protecting your emotions as you prepare for the battle.