Defining Summer Flings

Summer is the time of sunshine, bikinis, and wet bodies; meaning that relationships can be compromised and flings become numerous. So, who are you going to be ‘booed up’ with this summer: your current relationship, a new fling, or a few flings?

Summertime is the time for the single to come out and mingle and maybe start up a summer fling. A fling is much different than a relationship. A relationship requires monogamy, maintenance, loyalty, respect, etc. A fling, on the other hand, is a no obligation, no strings attached kind of relationship that is mutually understood. This means both (all) members of the fling understand that this a low-risk relationship. 

That being said, flings tend to not last very long. This temporality of flings can be scary for some, and convenient for others. Flings are considered low risk until deeper feelings begin evolving for the other person. Sometimes, flings can offer more than what you expected, and can turn into a committed relationship after summers end, but this is less likely.

Summer is about freedom, and if you are in a relationship, your freedoms may be restricted, depending on your relationship. Stronger relationships will withstand any season, while weaker ones could deteriorate in the summer season due to other options. However, there is also the scenario where relationships flourish during this time of temptation: with less clothes generally being worn during the summer, it can turn your partner on to you and prevent extraneous jealousy. 

So, the question is, what relationship category will you fall under this quickly-approaching summer?