Different Gifts for Different Girls

 Buying a holiday gift for your girlfriend this year can be a great opportunity to make points, or just make trouble for yourself, depending on what type of girl she is.

As the holiday season approaches it once again becomes time to start the process of buying appropriate gifts for your friends and family, and one friend that is usually a lot harder to buy great gifts for than the others is your girlfriend. Although most men are consummate procrastinators when it comes to buying gifts, your girlfriend is in a different category than your mother or your neighbor, and you’ve only got one shot to get the right gift for the right girl at the right time. The staff at the male-oriented website Manolith thinks they’ve got a handle on the gifts for girlfriends game this year as the site claims to be your “one stop shop that is the portal for all men and best place to get your testosterone on.” Manolith believes that although no two girlfriends are exactly the same, when it comes to buying gifts for them, it is not so much what it is that she might like or want that is the most important factor, instead it is her personality and the status of your relationship with her that are the most critical factors.

In that light, men should look at girlfriend gifts with those two main factors being the most important.  If your girlfriend has distinct habits, traits and quirks, it can make it easier to purchase the appropriate gifts. This means a smart guy will be able to determine what particular category his girlfriend fits into, and then purchase a holiday or Christmas gift that corresponds the best with that category. Although this method leaves the door wide open because there are so many possible categories girlfriends can fit in, the guys at Manolith were helpful enough to include corresponding gift suggestions for girlfriends in the categories of New girlfriend, Long-term girlfriend, Rich girlfriend, Geek girlfriend, Sporty girlfriend, and Lazy girlfriend. Here are their suggestions:

New Girlfriend – 
Nothing lasts forever and your new girlfriend might not either, so why buy an expensive gift for a girl who will be out of your life in a few months? If she does manage to hang around for a few years, an expensive first Christmas gift could set a dangerous precedent you might regret sooner than later. Here, Manolith suggests buying something small, relatively inexpensive like a small bracelet or a cute teddy bear.

Long-Term Girlfriend – 
If you’ve got a girlfriend you want to keep around forever, perhaps a marriage proposal would be an appropriate Christmas gift this year. The holidays bring high spirits and romance to the season and since all she probably really wants is the ring, she won’t care or even notice if you forget to get her anything else at all.

Rich Girlfriend – 
It would be nice but unrealistic to believe that all your rich girlfriend really wants for Christmas is you. And since she is rich and you’re probably not, you probably can’t really buy a costly ultra-gift to blow her mind. In this tricky situation it may be best to stick with simple and inexpensive gifts that are personal or personalized in some way like……monogrammed underwear (nice underwear would be best here of course).

Geek Girlfriend – 
Shopping for a geek girlfriend is usually fairly easy thanks to the steady flow of new high-tech gadgets that are constantly coming to market these days. There are now so many tech gizmos and gadgets to choose from that it seems like there is a new one appearing every day. Put simply, the best tech gift you can purchase for your geek gal is one you can afford.

Sporty Girlfriend – 
Since the topic of improving a girlfriend’s physical appearance is all but forbidden for most guys to discuss these days, you’ll want to avoid gifts that may imply that you think she’s out of shape like a gym membership might. Better to stick with sports-related accessories that are not necessities, but luxuries instead, like a nifty case for her pedometer or something similar.

Lazy Girlfriend – 
Laziness is a quality that can be temporary in nature, so tread with caution here if you can. Even if lazy girls are easy-to-please, if your girlfriend is truly lazy all of the time, perhaps you’d be best to play it safe and buy something that is fun or humorous. Whatever you do, don’t buy her tools, utensils or equipment that implies you’d like her to be more industrious unless you want to spend the holidays alone this year.