Do You Want To Date Her?

​Are you in that in between phase of hanging out and actually dating? This phase can be awkward and ambiguous! If you don’t play your cards right, your girl might become fed up and ditch you all together! Use this article to guide you through this period of time, and get exactly what you want out of this relationship!

Initially, hanging out with a girl can lead to a multitude of things. Maybe you guys will just be great friends. Maybe you’ll come to find you want nothing to do with her what so ever! Maybe you’ll find she is the love of your life! No matter which of these scenarios you are hoping for, getting through the trials and tribulations of each can be difficult.   

If you want to make her your girlfriend….  Be a proper gentleman about it. No matter what you hear, chivalry is not dead.  Simple, nice gestures will make her see you as more than a friend, or a hook up, or something casual. Instead she will see herself as someone she wants to spend time with and share special moments with.  By simply opening a door, kissing her head in public, or bringing her favorite type of coffee over, you will make her see you as her prince charming!

If you want to keep it casual, then you must have an open communication with your girl. For boys, this tends to be difficult. Communication isn’t hard, make a conscious effort to say how you feel, when you feel it. This way, no one can get hurt (or if they do it’s their own fault because you warned them.)  Let her know up front, about what your want out of your relationship. You will be doing the both of you a favor.