Fast Women and Early Divorce

​Is your girlfriend overly sex driven? Has she been sexually active before what is considered socially acceptable? Studies show that women like this have a much higher chance at getting divorced. Make sure your girlfriend doesn’t fit this category before you lock it down!

News coming from Iowa and published in the Journal of Marriage and Family highlights new research  from the University of Iowa that shows women who lost their virginity as young teenagers are more likely to get divorced later, even more so if it was an unwanted sexual experience. The study’s author, Anthony Paik, associate professor of sociology in the UI College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, utilized data from the 2002 National Survey of Family Growth to weed out the responses from over 3,700 women who had been married at some point in their lives.

Paik determined that 31% of women who reported they had sex for the first time as teens got divorced within 5 years, and 47% got divorced within 10 years. Those are pretty high numbers considering the divorce rate for women who did not have sex until they were adults was only 15%  at the 5 year mark, and 27% after 10 years.

The University of Iowa study also found that while sex itself did not increase the risk of divorce directly, other sexual factors like a high number of sexual partners, pregnancy, or out-of-wedlock birth did seem to increase the risk of divorce in some cases. The figures break out that 31% of those women who had early sexual experiences also had premarital sex with multiple partners, compared to only 24% for women who initially had sex later.

The Iowa research did not really take into account the fact that unfortunately, a lot of both men and women choose the wrong person to marry, some multiple times. Perhaps those women who did delay having sex until they were older, or even until married, might have done so for religious or moral reasons that would also make them less likely to get a divorce later in life.