Fun Summer Activities That Will Make Your Girlfriend Smile

Think you and your girl have seen too many movies or been to enough restaurants? Are you worried that your relationship is getting too boring? Well, take advantage of the beautiful weather of summer and try out some of these great activities that are sure to put a smile on your girls face and the fire back into your relationship. 

1. Cooking: Preparing a meal together at home and enjoying it over candle light is one of the most romantic things that a couple can do; and it is guaranteed that your girlfriend will absolutely melt if you recommend it. Open a bottle of wine and let the bonding begin!

2. Pampering: Pedicures are NOT just for girls; your girlfriend would absolutely die of happiness if you went and got a pedicure with her. Enjoy a nice foot massage and exfoliation; not only will you feel better and refreshed, but your girl will want to kiss your feet afterwards (figuratively and literally!).

3. Exercise: Exercise is a fun and healthy way to bond together on a whole different level. Choose something that you are both interested in, such as running a marathon, doing a themed obstacle event such as ToughMudder or Color Run, or start taking classes together like spin or yoga. 

4. Read: Find a book that you are both interested in and read it individually. Talk about the book as you go and then again at the end. This is an intellectually stimulating exercise that is good for your relationship and your brain!

5. Camping: Teach your girl how to rough it in the wilderness by going on a camping trip, just the two of you. This will give you some priceless quality time where you two can go on hikes, pick flowers, sight see, swim in lakes and rivers, etc. 

6. Build: Try building something together such as a bookcase, or patio or other things for the house. This can save you money as well as create lasting relationships and traditions with your loved one. 

7. Childhood memories: Cruise down memory lane by visiting your girl’s hometown. Have her show you her old school, office, home, etc. Do the same thing for your hometown as well!

8. Shopping: Normally you would hate going shopping with your girlfriend, but she will absolutely love it if you went with her once in a while. Plus, this will give you a great idea of what she likes, making gift giving during the holidays that much easier. 

9. Picnic: Prepare a surprise picnic for you two on a gorgeous spring day at the park. Enjoy each other’s company under the shade of a tree while sipping wine and eating cheese and crackers. 

10. Get Adventurous: Do some kind of extreme sports of adventure together such as boating, skiing, skydiving, parasailing, etc. These are memories you will never forget and it makes them even more special that you get to spend these memories together. 

These ideas are sure to bring the spice back into your relationship and spark the original feelings that attracted you two to each other in the first place. Your relationship is mostly likely not broken, it just needs a little elbow grease to get it working properly again. 

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