Girlfriend The Fragrance

​The 18-year-old entertainer-turned-businessman, Justin Bieber, has just introduced his second fragrant perfume called Girlfriend that will surely be another best-seller.

The cultural phenomenon that is the Justin Bieber brand has enjoyed huge success with just about everything the 18-year-old entertainer-turned-businessman has touched. As part of the teen icon’s journey into adulthood, the star has begun launching his own line of fragrant perfumes aimed at helping average American teens to become similarly irresistible within their own spheres of influence.

Having already enjoyed the successful launch of his first fragrance called “Someday,” the Bieber has now introduced his second fragrance called appropriately “Girlfriend”, which the singer described "Girlfriend is kind of a more mature version of Someday, it has some of the same scents to it, but older." The new Girlfriend perfume aimed at teen girls was launched at Macy's department store in New York City recently, where it is expected to fly off the shelves and boost revenues for the Elizabeth Arden brand that holds the license to manufacture and market it.

The first Bieber brand perfume was last year's top-selling new fragrance and spokesmen from Elizabeth Arden have pointed out that the Someday scent, along with the popular teen female singer Taylor Swift's signature scent, Wonderstruck, were top-sellers of the year and accounted for most of the growth in the fragrance market last year. Considering the success of his first fragrance, and the fact that the young Bieber has over 23,000,000 followers on Twitter waiting anxiously for the latest scoop anything new he does, most of them young girls, well, there is every reason to expect that Girlfriend will prove to be another bit of marketing genius, and will sell like proverbial hot-cakes until some other new Bieber brand product comes along to replace it. In the meantime, smart young men wanting to make points with their own girlfriends would do well to purchase a bottle of Bieber’s new Girlfriend fragrance as a heartfelt gift before their girlfriends buy their own supplies.