Girlfriends Wine

​Aimed at independent, fun-loving women, the five new varieties of Girlfriends Wines are sure to be a hit your girlfriend will enjoy, and you might even like it too.

There’s a new group of girlfriends set to debut in the wine section of the Meijer chain of supermarkets across the Midwest in the form of new Girlfriends branded wines that feature "Good Girl," "Wild Girl," "Classy Girl," "Romantic Girl," and "Party Girl" varieties that promise to offer variety, personality and fun for every type of occasion. The Girlfriends wines were created by award-winning South African winemaker Val du Charron that currently produces a range of fine wines ranging from entry-level to super-premium. The new line of Girlfriends wines from Val du Charron are blended by the award-winning winemaker Bertus Fourie. Fourie brought his winemaking knowledge and expertise to Val du Charron in 2009 and he has been instrumental in championing the wine blending process that he believes produces distinct compositions that are more complex and richer than any single variety can deliver on its own, and as a result, his specially blends of Girlfriends wines range from light and smooth to deep and rich, and everything in between too.

The Meijer stores in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, and Kentucky first began carrying the Girlfriends Wines with the launch of the “Good Girl” and “Wild Girl” varieties. Consumer response to those first two blends was strong enough to warrant a follow-up and Val du Charron responded by adding three more new “girls” to the line in the form of the “Classy Girl," "Party Girl" and "Romantic Girl" varieties. According to Val du Charron co-owner Craig Entwistle, “The five girls of the Girlfriends Wine are made with independent, fun-loving women in mind, and our market research led us to this development of easy-drinking wines. They exude fun character and deliver delicious tastes popular with female consumers."

Closer examination of the five new wines show that “Good Girl” is a sweet white blend of Chenin Blanc and Muscat d'Alexandre with a fruity taste that includes honeycomb and citrus flavors. “Wild Girl” is a sweet red wine whose flavor is a blend of Ruby Cabernet and Shiraz. The “Party Girl” variety is a pink, semisweet Rosé wine blended with flavors of strawberries and cream, and “Romantic Girl” is a deep red Cabernet Sauvignon. The fifth and last of the Girlfriends introduced is “Classy Girl” that is a light Chardonnay blend with hints of vanilla. If your girlfriend is a wine connoisseur or just a casual wine consumer, a bottle of any of the five new Girlfriends is certain to be a gift that both of you could share and enjoy on any occasion.