Great Date Ideas to do with your Girlfriend

​Are you and your girlfriend in a rut? Tired of the same old dates? Is the dinner and a movie scene getting old? Well use Top 3 best date ideas to lure your lady into falling in love with you all over again.  

Date #1: Take your girl to a concert! It doesn’t have to be some big fancy expensive one (even though yes, those are better!) it can be a small local band playing somewhere nearby.  These tend to be extremely inexpensive, if they cost anything at all.  This unique date is sure to leave her excited, both about the outing and you!

Date #2: Make a picnic! Gather a few of your girls favorite items: Wine, snacks, cheese, sandwiches, candy, etc.  Surprise her by keeping the picnic materials hidden, and showing up to a random park or romantic spot.  She might be confused at first, but when she sees the blanket and picnic basket, she will be overjoyed!   Take her to a secluded spot and enjoy the rest of the night, just you two!

Date #3: Go see a meteor shower! The summer months have tons of different meteor showers available to see from all places throughout the country.  Bring a blanket, and find a romantic spot like the beach or a secluded place where the entire city won’t be watching the shower.  You will spend your time talking and looking up at the starts. Once the shower starts, the romance will as well!