How to Deal with Your Girlfriend’s Dad

​Using a little common sense and restraint, along with following the rules and showing some respect can go a long way toward earning your girlfriend’s father’s confidence.

One of the most difficult parts of dating can be dealing with her father. Many daughters have strict and over-protective fathers and winning her father over to your side usually presents a substantially different challenge, to say the least. In many cases the father really doesn’t care much for his daughter’s choice of man to date in the first place and all he really wants is for his daughter is to be happy, and his vision of the future will rarely include you.

If you want to be the man in his daughter’s life, first you’ll need to meet him, then you’ll need to impress him somehow and you’ll also have to show him that you have his daughter’s best interests in mind. Your mission will be easier if you can find a little background about your girlfriend’s dad. Talk with your girlfriend about basic information like what his job is, his hobbies, and any particular quirks he might have. It can also be a huge help if your girlfriend will help you get on the good side of her father as well.

Once you meet the father for the first time, step up and act confident. Shake his hand firmly, as a firm handshake can impart your maturity and trustworthiness. Try to talk to him about something other than his daughter in the beginning. If you can talk about something you both enjoy up front, you’ll have a better chance of getting along with him in the long-run too.

It is natural for fathers to worry about the intentions men have for their daughters. Try not to be a jerk in front of him and always treat your girlfriend with respect and listen to what she says when she talks to you. Be a gentleman, use your manners and treat her with respect, and your chances of winning her father’s respect and trust will rise accordingly. Always abide by any rules the father has set out, and make sure you always bring her home on time after a date. You don’t want her father to worry about where his daughter is going and what she will be doing, so be sure to tell her dad exactly what you have planned for the evening.

One very huge mistake that many aspiring young make on a date is to engage in public displays of affection with your girlfriend. Being overly familiar in front of her father can be the kiss of death for your chances of a return engagement. Don’t spend time behind closed doors in her home, and hang out with her in common areas like the living room or the family room instead. The goal here is to lessen any suspicions her father might harbor as to your true intentions. Respecting their home and following their home rules will always earn you points.

It is not always an easy or simple task to win your girlfriend’s father over to your side and get him to trust or like you. However, using a little common sense and restraint, following the rules, and showing some respect for his daughter and his family and home can make things a whole lot easier.