How to Effectively Communicate to your Girlfriend

​Are you and your girlfriend having problems? Is she always getting mad at you and you have no idea why? Every relationship could use an improvement in the communication department.  If you are not understanding how and why she is always annoyed or nagging you about something, chances are you should re-asses your communication styles and help each other improve.

To have an effective and healthy conversation about your relationship, and more specifically your communication, carefully approach the situation. Remember, it’s more than likely that one or both parties are hurting a little bit here, so emotions will be running high. By sitting down in a neutral setting, like over a meal, delicately address the problem to your girlfriend. Start out by saying, “I feel like..” as opposed to “You make me feel…” People become naturally defensive when they are specifically being told they are the source of the problem or situation. Subconsciously, they will be more open to what you are saying to them if you start out with “I.”

After you get out everything that has been bothering you, you need to offer a solution to the problem. By taking responsibility in the situation, your girlfriend will be more than willing to comply with your requests. By asking her to calmly and carefully explain where she is coming from on situations that are normally tense in your relationship, you can fix the problem before it escalates into annoyance.  The most important part of every relationship is being able to listen, and effectively articulate your feelings into words. This open communication is necessary for any relationship to succeed.