How to Get Back with Your Ex-Girlfriend

Break ups can be really tough on everyone involved. The most heart wrenching feeling after a break up is the need to get him or her back. This is possible, but not easily done; the process of getting an ex back needs to be done carefully and methodically. Here are a few ways to try that could allow you to succeed in you getting your sweetheart back. 

1. Reach Out, Literally: Literally reach out and touch her arm, leg or hand in a caring matter. Cardinal sin number 1 is to play too hard to get after a break up. Realistically, your girl probably has other men trying to court her, so showing her some affection could make or break your opportunity. 

2. E-mail: E-mail is a great way to break the ice in a tense relationship. It doesn’t require a face to face conversation, or even a phone conversation, while not being as immediate and annoying as texting can be. Don’t be too gushy and send her poems; maybe just send her a funny picture or an article that she would like. This gives her the opportunity to think about her response rationally and, hopefully, that email will turn into a real conversation.

3. Don’t Sleep Around: You’re ex-girl will probably understand if you go on a date with another girl after a break up, but sleeping with another girl will send your ex through the roof and most likely ruin any chance you may have had. 

4. Holidays: Don’t ever forget her birthday, anniversary, Christmas, etc. Show her you still care by simply saying Happy Birthday or maybe sending an anniversary card; that’s sure to pull at her heartstrings. 

5. Call: Let her know you are thinking about her simply by calling her. It takes a solid relationship, whether its friends, business, etc. to call someone, and that will mean a lot to your ex. 

6. Listen to Her: I know it’s difficult at times. However, now more than ever, it is of utmost importance that you listen to what she says to you, how she said it, and, most importantly, what she doesn’t say to you. 

7. No Jealousy: Right after a break up, don’t be jealous, but instead analyze what she does. Does she stand up for you? Is she talking to her guy friends about the break up or sleeping with them? This can show you a bit about her true personality. 

8. No Games: Don’t play games with her heart (or your own). Use signals with each other, these will be very important. 

9. Keep Your Cards: Don’t blurt out those three words too soon after a break up. Relationships are all about power, and if you want the power, keep your cards. 

10. Stay in Shape: There are always reasons for a break up. Whatever those reasons are is not entirely important; what IS important is that you keep your head high and improve the things she complained about. Be responsible, stay in shape, be outgoing, do things that you never did before, show her you can change and make her regret her decision. 

These are the best ways in which you can attempt to get your princess back. It may take a couple of these tactics combined for any real effect, but do your homework and think about what the best strategy is for your specific situation. 

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