How to Get your Ex-girlfriend Back

​Did you and your girlfriend break up recently? Are you anxious and depressed? Your friends tell you to move on, but you know you want her back? Breaking up is a horrible experience. Nothing is worse than a broken heart. Chances are, your ex girlfriend is thinking about you too! By carefully doing the right things, at the right time, you can win her back! There are just a few key things to remember!

First of all, there are a few things you absolutely need to avoid at all costs. The following actions are a sure fire way to ensure you and your ex will NOT be getting back together. After breaking up, there is nothing more unattractive than being a needy person.  Pleading for your ex back is the quickest way to push her further and further away.  Another turn off, being a doormat.  Your girlfriend might try and test the waters to see what she can or cannot get away with once you are broken  up.  Do not sacrifice your personal happiness in an attempt to win your girlfriend back. If you are willing to do anything to get your girl back, you are currently a victim of the doormat syndrome. There are two main problems with this. First of all, it’s unattractive, and secondly, it will result in an unhappy and unhealthy relationship between you two.  Another NO-NO, drunk dialing and excessive texting.  This again, could not be more unattractive, and will not result in you and your ex girlfriend getting back together.  It is not to go out and sooth your sorrows with some drinks out with friends, which of course, there is nothing wrong with. Just do not let it end in you contacting your ex. She will know you are drunk, and find it disgusting.  Even if it is just the harmless, “how are you” text, late night messages are never good.

So how do you win her back? First of all, stop freaking out. Become the person she was initially attracted to.  Next, sit down and carefully analyze what went wrong in your relationship, and find a realistic solution. It is important to love your life and yourself before you can do the same to someone else. So keep this in mind throughout.  Once you are ready to contact your ex, have  a list of things in mind to tell her. Tell her where you went wrong, and what you have done to fix it. If you have clear and sincere reasoning, she will appreciate it. Meet up. See if that chemistry is still there.  Keep it short, make her wanting you back. If she sees you as the person she fell in love with, she will want you back in a heartbeat. Good Luck!