How to Keep your Breakup Private on Facebook

Sadly, changing your Facebook status from “in a relationship” to “single” can be just as traumatizing as the breakup itself!  Often followed by a crazy night out with friends, this little adjustment to your profile has singles across the world cringing at the change.  But if that time has come, and you need to update your relationship status, we have a few tips to make it go as seamless (and hopefully unnoticed) as possible. 

By changing your relationship status using the default settings, Facebook will broadcast your breakup to the world, so keep these tips in mind while making the switch.  First of all, the new Timeline setup makes more of your relationship statuses than the old Facebook, so keep that style around for as long as possible.  To get started, click on the “About” link directly under your profile picture, and then click edit.  To the right of the “Relationship Status,” there is a globe icon. Click on it, and select “Only Me” and save. Now scroll down to the “Relationship” box and click edit again. By repeating the steps above (click the globe and select “only me” and hit save) your relationship will be cancelled, and not broadcasted to every Facebook friend you have!

By following the roundabout way of deleting your Facebook relationship, you are avoiding the “John Smith went from being ‘in a relationship’ to ‘single’”being blasted all over your news feed for days to come.  Keeping these things private from the Facebook world may not be important to you, but in case it is, follow our easy steps to hide your breakup from the internet world!