How to Know When to Leave the Friend Zone and Start Dating

Having a best friend of the opposite gender is considerably more common now-a-days and friendships between genders are absolutely able to be platonic. However, sometimes, a friendship can blossom into something more serious. 

There are a few signs that could indicate if it’s time for you two to leave the friend zone:

1. Your every day ‘ride or die’: Is she the first person you call when you have news? We are not talking about the person you call on Friday night to hit the town, but someone who you can’t imagine not talking to before you go to bed. Does she text you good night every night? If so, she could be hinting (consciously or unconsciously) that she wants out of the friend zone. 

2. One-on-one: A sign of a friendship is being able to hang out with other people (other than you two) and have it be alright all of the time. However, if you two find yourselves detaching yourself from the group and craving more one-on-one time and attention, it could be a sign you are both looking to move forward. 

3. Holidays: Holidays are reserved for those who are the nearest and dearest to our hearts. If you crumble at the thought of spending Christmas without her (and she feels the same) that could be a sign that both of you mean more to each other than you previously may have realized. 

4. No intimate discussion: If you both rarely discuss each other’s love life with each other, think closely about why this is. Do you not mention your last date to her in fear of what she will think? Do you get jealous? Does she? Maybe this is a taboo topic because you would rather be dating each other but don’t know how to make it happen.
5. Boyfriends and Girlfriends: Is she always asking about and prying into your love life? She may not be nosy, but simply looking for the opportune moment to make her move. Does she criticize all of your girlfriends or give excuses why they are never good enough? This could be because she knows she is perfect for you. 

6. No Outside Dating: If neither of you are seeing anyone else and are completely content, it may be because you both have found everything you need in each other. If you both spend all of your time together effortlessly, it may be time to try expanding the friend zone a bit. 

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