How to Successfully Date your Coworker

​Most men avoid inter-office relationships, and rightfully so! They can be tricky and messy, but at the same time, you guys are on the same schedule and make an afternoon delight out of your lunch break… so it might be worth a try?!

The transition is the most important part… so after your sharing the elevator after a happy hour gone x-rated, make sure and do something to make your hookup feel a little more comfortable. Make an inside joke or confide about an important meeting. Women are more likely to feel uncomfortable and having morning after remorse if they think your first hookup will be your last.

Never give your other coworkers too much information.  Offices are prone to gossip, but limited your office interactions will help.  Being aware of timing and PDA is very important.

Avoid work talk. By finding other common ground you guys can share hobbies and experiences unrelated to work, and hopefully connect on some other subjects.

Once things get a little more serious than the first few dates, at one point you will need to share the joyous news with your boss. He or she will find out eventually, and it’s best if it comes from you.  Not that who your dating is your bosses business, but when it comes to dating co workers, the last thing you want to do is look sketch and secretive.

According to Men’s Health Magazine,  only a third of office romances blossom into long term relationships. Don’t be surprised or bitter if yours doesn’t work out!  Chances are, co workers are going to side with the person who deals with the breakup in the most normal, mature way. So don’t go bashing your ex to all of your work friends, it will only look bad on your part!