How to Tell if She is the One

Dating can be like searching for a needle in a hay stack, which requires much trial and error in finding your perfect match. It is sometimes easy to get caught up in beauty and lust and mistake this excitement for the determination of her being ‘the one’.

Before you go rushing to the jeweler for an engagement ring, take a step back and ask yourself a couple of questions, like the ones below, about the reality of the relationship, and if this is just a fling, or the real thing:

-Respect and Admiration: Your soulmate should be your biggest cheerleader by constantly bringing out the best in you and focusing and all of your positive qualities. 

-Happiness: If your partner knows exactly how to put a smile on your face after a long day, then they know you and listen to you pretty well. 

-Difficult Situations: It is important that you and your partner be able to work through and communicate during difficult and tiring situations, such as moving, traveling, and money problems. 

-No Drama: If you plan to spend the rest of your life with this person, it is vital that a majority of your time together is smooth and enjoyable. If you are constantly butting heads or bickering over long periods of time, it is possible this may never end, and you may not be the most perfect match.

-Inspiration: Having a partner who will positively support you through your rough and insecure times is the sign and gift of having a great partner. We all need someone to believe in us when we don’t believe in ourselves. 

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