Important Dating Tips

Dating is a rough scene sometimes, full of betrayal, denial, cheating, and rejection. However, with the right tools and the right persona, you can find Mrs. Right quicker than you ever imagined. 

Here are some tips on how to make your date fall in love with your charm, charisma, and much more: 

1. Manners: Without going overboard into Sir Lancealot Land, use proper chivalry and etiquette. For example, if you think your date looks nice then tell her so, subtly open doors for her, and when the time is right, lean in softly while she is talking to you for a more intimate conversation (if she backs away, then the date is probably not going well.)

2. Confidence: The first date is always nerve racking, but a little confidence can go a long way in showing your date you are a strong, independent man. To help with your confidence, think about a few topics beforehand that you could talk about intelligently. If the topics you are thinking of are football, sex, and comic books, then it might be a better idea to simply ask her about herself and go from there.
3. Casual: Keep the first date casual. Realistically, neither of you want to sit down at the fanciest French restaurant with 7 course meals (especially if you both realize the date is a flop after appetizers). Keep it cool the first couple dates and get some drinks at a place you have been to before, that way you know where you’re going, what to order, etc. leaving one less thing for you to worry about. 

4. First Impressions: First impressions are so important on a first date. Don’t roll out of bed and ‘wing it’. Cut and style your hair, clean and iron your outfit, and check that your nails and teeth are clean (these are things women look at). Plan ahead and get there a couple of minutes early so your introduction is not flustered and you have time for one last mirror check. When it comes to ordering your food, don’t get too adventurous. Order something you know you will like and for god sakes, if the food requires a bib, choose a salad instead. 

5. Second Opinions: Don’t be afraid to ask your friends about some of your date choices. Ask them what they think about your potential outfit and the venue you plan to take her too. Friends are honest buddies who will tell you if that pink shirt is a no-go, or if the dive bar you had in mind is too grungy. 

6. No Wandering Eyes: Your date should be the center of attention at all times. Look at her in the eyes, ask her about herself, and tell her she’s pretty. Trying to sneak in a quick look at your watch, phone, or the blonde that just took your bill isn’t worth it; she sees and knows everything your doing.  

7. Pay for the Bill: It’s the first date, you better not allow the girl to pay. Quabbling over who should pick up the tab just makes you look bad, cheap, and uninterested in her. However, if you two start seeing each other regularly, there is nothing wrong with leveling out the score and letting her pick up the drinks once in a while, I mean, c’mon it’s not the 1950’s anymore. 

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