Is Your Girl Cheating

​Do you suspect your girlfriend is cheating on you? Has your relationship recently changed, and you think it is due to your girl seeing someone else? Leave this delicate situation to the pro’s and use our tips and guidelines to see if your suspicions are true!

Cheating girlfriends often get caught. It is not just girlfriends; cheaters in general often find themselves wishing they never made that move. Cheaters always make obvious mistakes. For example, maybe your girlfriend is the jeans and tee shirt type. If you notice her getting a little more dressed up, maybe putting on a little more makeup. These are initial signs of cheating. Maybe you notice your girlfriend texting more often, and it’s not you. If you are starting to feel this void between you and your girlfriend, you rightfully so should be getting worried.

So what do you do once you’ve figured out there is an issue. Carefully approach the situation. There is nothing worse than accusing some one of cheating when they aren’t.  Try doing a little investigating before you approach your girlfriend and accuse her of something that will most likely end your relationship. In fact, if you are unwilling to lose your relationship, you should probably stick with the don’t ask, don’t tell policy.

If you and your girlfriend have had the cheating conversation,  and still love each other and want to work through it, that’s great! Keep in mind, trust issues will keep coming up in your relationship after one person has cheated. Being aware of this, and making a conscious effort to be trusting and not jealous will be the deciding factor in making your relationship work!