Is Your Girlfriend Cheating on You?

​How do you know if your girlfriend is cheating on you? How do you approach the delicate situation? Jealous insecurities and mistrusting your lady can cause endless problems. But if your girlfriend is in fact cheating, use these tips and guidelines to make sure your suspicions are correct before you approach this messy situation.

Observe the actions that are leading you to believe your girlfriend is cheating. By carefully examining the basics, who, what, when, and where, you can make the appropriate assumptions of infidelity. Does she have a new “friend” that makes you insecure or jealous? Are you spending time alone while she is out with new (and single?) friends? By gathering this type of information, you have concrete evidence to bring to your girlfriend about why you are feeling insecure.

Don’t Wait for the situation to blow up. Talk to your significant other about the feelings and insecurities you have been having. By showing her you are nervous because of X, Y, and Z, she will better be able to understand how and why you are feeling this way, instead of just accusing her of cheating out of the blue. These thoughts of infidelity will eat away at you and your relationship, so getting these thoughts out on the table are an important step.

See the signs your girlfriend is sending you. Do you get text messages and phone calls less often than before? Are you always the first to initiate conversations? Does your girl always leave the room to receive phone calls?  Has your girlfriend’s appearance changed? Maybe she is more concerned with how she looks, or starts putting in some extra effort into her wardrobe or makeup?  These are some sure fire signs that something is a little different about your relationship, but not necessarily a red flag… yet.   Is your chick picking fights with you out of nowhere? (This could be her looking for an out.) Have you caught your partner in a lie? Are your friends acting differently than normal? If you are getting a vibe that your friends may know something you don’t, act on it.

If you are thinking your girlfriend is cheating after reading this article and identifying with some of the sings, it’s time to take charge.  In the end, it is most important to go with your gut instincts. By carefully approaching the situation, and avoiding the “attacking” communication style, sit your girlfriend down and address the situation. If she gets defensive and tries to turn the tables on you, bad sign. If she listens to what you have to say, and lovingly reassures you, chances are you’ve let your insecurities get the best of you!