Man Tweets Proposal to Girlfriend

​A young man named Mike Duerksen from Winnipeg, Canada created quite the viral craze over the weekend when he proposed to his girlfriend, Janelle Freed.  The Twitter-sphere was filled with thousands of people waiting to hear the response after Mike tweeted, “About to tell her a story: Our Story. It ends with a question. Here I go. #Mike Proposes.”  The anxiously awaiting twitter world had to waiting an everlasting sixteen minutes to find out that Janelle said YES!

The couple met in 2009 at a conference in Paraguay. Mike spotted the lovely Janelle from across the room, and went to speak with her. He went home to Winnipeg, and she went home to Pennsylvania, but they kept in constant communication via Skype and social networking. After two years of long distance, she made the move to Canada, and the rest is Twitter history!

The Twitter date started off by Mike announcing his plan for eight mini dates, each one a very special place to him and his girlfriend.  As the eight mini dates with Janelle continued, he updated the internet with his progress.  Janelle, funny enough, doesn’t even have a twitter! And she left her phone at home, so she was completely and utterly surprised, as every girl should be!

"I expected friends and maybe some people in the city to follow along, but I started getting tweets from all over the world. I got so much support and positive tweets sent my way, halfway through the date I was starting to really feel the pressure!"

"Now, to address a few questions: Yes, I'm aware it's Friday the 13th. No, she's not on twitter. Yes, I think she'll say yes. #MikeProposes," he addressed his followers.