New Study Shows 88 Percent Stalk Exes on Facebook

​We all do it… see what our exes are doing on Facebook. Don’t be ashamed, because now its official. 88% of people stalk their exes regularly on Facebook, according to a study done by Western Universities Masters Program.

You and your girlfriend break up suddenly. You’re heartbroken. What is the first thing you do? Fire up that  computer and sign into Facebook. You are looking for answers. Status updates, posts from other dudes, pictures you don’t recognize,  etc.  There are many stages of the breakup, but stage one is stalking.

Veronika Lukacs performed the study.  She was aiming to uncover not a percentage of stalkers, but whether or not Facebook contributed to an increase in post love distress. 

Survey participants were between the ages of 18 -35. Interview respondents were ages 21-39.  Each one of them had experienced “heart break” in the past 12 months.  Not only did an overwhelmingly amount of people admit to “stalking” their exes… But 70 percent actually admitted to signing in under a mutual friends account to stalk from afar.
The Facebook creepers are admittedly looking for people their exes are sleeping around with. As if the breakup isn’t painful enough, you want to know who they are with now?! Doesn’t sound healthy! 74% crept around on the profiles of the new people they suspect their ex is hanging out with.  Logically assuming that they are being stalked as well, 31% admit to posting pictures to make their ex jealous.  Presumably pathetically, 33% admit to posting a status of song lyrics or a music video aimed at their ex.

It is normal and natural to wonder what your ex is up to after you break up. However, it is not healthy to let it consume your life. If they don’t want to be with you, and you can’t control your FB creepin, maybe you should de-friend them to avoid further heartbreak.