Questions You Should NEVER Ask on a First Date

First dates are nerve racking as is, and asking the wrong questions is always a fear. It is important to give a good first impression and get an adequate understanding of the other person’s identity, but there are a few touchy questions that scream “red flag” if they are asked on the first date. There is a time and a place for the more personal and intimate questions regarding your dates history, tastes, and opinions. 

Here are a few questions that you should absolutely NEVER ask on a first date:

1. Is Google right?: A pre-date Google search of your date is normal, but speaking about your findings to them is not-so normal. If you found out online that he has a history as a football player, simply ask him about his favorite sports to find out in a round-about way. 

2. Politics: NEVER ask who your date is voting for on the first date. This can bring up touchy political and ethical topics that can cause severe disagreements between you two and ruin the vibe of the first date before you two could actually get to know each other. 

3. How many?: It is absolutely necessary to become knowledgeable of your partners sexual history…once you are sleeping with them. It is totally inappropriate to ask how many partners you date has had on the first date.
4. What’s your salary?: Money should not be an factor in dating someone; by asking how much your date makes only makes you look like a gold-digger and is sure to turn-off your date. 

5. Ex Issues: Everyone comes with baggage, including you. If there is an ex-spouse or children involved, let that conversation happen when the time is right. 

6. Friend Request: Social media has the ability to ruin relationships. Don’t freak out if your date hasn’t started following you on every social media network yet; if anything, lack of social media interaction is a good thing. 

7. Virginity: DO NOT ask your date when they lost their virginity. That is a very personal topic that can be uncomfortable and embarrassing for them to answer the first time they have met you. 

8. Weight: Seriously? Don’t ask you date how much they weigh no matter if they are a boy or a girl. Just don’t. 

9. GPA: GPA usually does not correlate with real life success, so why bother asking it? Your date may not have been a good test taker but has incredible management skills, etc.

10. Does size matter?: If you ask this question, then you are automatically insinuating that size matters to you. Keep the convo above the belt. 

11. Traumatizing Memory: First dates are supposed to be happy, fun, and flirtatious. Asking your date when their worst memories are is a great way to ruin the vibe and bring lots of negativity to the table. 

12. Marriage? Kids?: The first date is way too soon to bring up the marriage and kids questions; save that for date 15. 

13. God?: Religion is obviously a very important determining factor of whether or not a relationship will work  out or not. However, it is unfair to not give you date a chance to show themselves to you before you ditch them for their religious beliefs. 

14. Want some shots?: Ordering a beer or a glass of wine on the first date is normal and even encouraged to take the edge off, but ordering shots and getting hammered is only going to make getting to genuinely know the person (and remember these attributes the next day!) very difficult. 

15. Love at first site?: This is cliché and makes you look way too over eager, just don’t ask this question ever.