Relationship Advice

​Relationships can be difficult. Often couples lose sight of the important and healthy parts of their relationships, and instead decide to focus on the negative or toxic aspects.  Making conscious decisions around how you will deal with and react to your relationship highs and lows will help you instrumentally in all your future endeavors.

One of the best pieces of advice we ever received about relationships came from a married couple of 35 years. They told us one of the most important things you can do to maintain a successful relationship is to watch and carefully calculate your reactions. There is nothing like a fight over nothing, and when you make a distasteful face, or a small snarky remark, you are embarking on just that.  While you may not intend that small eye roll after a stupid comment to be inappropriate, you are sending a message.  

Instead of that eye roll or sarcastic comment, get in the habit of plastering on a smile (doesn’t always have to be 100% genuine, as long as it’s not condescending.  If you are able to laugh off a silly situation that might otherwise have bothered you, your relationship will be much better off. In addition, even if you were annoyed with the situation, by avoiding a reaction that will frustrate your partner, you in turn are avoiding a situation that has no real importance.

This, friends, is called picking your battles. It is the single most important piece of relationship advice you’ll receive. It is all encompassing,  Respect your partner,  respect your relationship, and treat others how you would like to be treated.