Relationships & Communication Breakdown

​Couple break up for a lot of different reasons, and any type of outside pressure on a relationship that becomes too large to handle can cause rifts in even the most stable partnerships. Whatever the pressures on a relationship might be, underlying communication problems can create a distance between lovers that ultimately results in a lack of intimacy. When it comes to direct causes, the communication problems that create the biggest problems in a relationship are usually related to money and sex.
Everyone knows that life’s many little problems can take a toll on a relationship and when one partner feels they are pulling more than their fair share of the weight in a relationship, feelings of resentment are usually not far behind. No matter how strong a relationship a couple has, everyone needs money to exist in this world and a lack of money or misunderstandings about how finances are used can tear any couple apart. Open communication about financial goals and responsibilities can ensure a longer lasting relationship right from the start.
Even when money is not a problem in a relationship, cheating is usually terminal. Some rare couples can work through a cheating experience, but for most it causes a permanent breakdown in communication between the sexes that can not be restored. Many studies have produced statistics showing that sexuality is the cornerstone for most normal relationships, and any deviations from a monogamous setup are likely to cause a total breakup faster than any other single pressure a couple might face. Violating the sexual intimacy of a one-on-one relationship is usually the kiss of death.
Anyone who has been in the same relationship for a number of years many people might be tempted to take it for granted that their partner will always be thee for them. However, when problems concerning money and sexual intimacy are factors in a relationship, it’s a good bet that there is serious trouble a little farther down the road.
Main Factors Leading to Communication Problems in a Relationship:
•    Financial problems
•    Infidelity
•    Unrealistic expectations
•    Physical or emotional abuse
•    Different priorities
•    Addictions
•    Cultural differences
•    Friends & Relatives