Say It with Flowers

​A better understanding of the language and meaning behind flowers today might help you to get it right when sending the next floral message to your girlfriend tomorrow.

People have been communicating their feelings and emotions through the gesture of giving flowers for hundreds of years. Back in Victorian times, different flowers had different specific meanings that eventually evolved into the preferred means of expressing feelings and emotions without resorting to using words. The gesture of giving flowers has long been linked to romance, with the classic form of expression for love being a red rose.

Communicating with flowers was so popular in the Victorian period that it earned a formal name for the practice at the time. The term “Florigraphy” was once widely used to denote expression through flowers, but today the meanings of various individual flowers are not so strictly defined, and instead of hard and fast rules, people often just assign their own personal meanings and sentiments to them.

Even if a particular flower does not have a specific meaning for you today, the language of flowers is always special and unique, and it can convey emotions and feelings that are difficult to express in words. In this way, flowers can be used to express emotions and communicate feelings. Like a good photograph, every flower tells a story that is probably worth far more than the proverbial “one thousand words.” To help you better understand the language of flowers today, a look back at the traditional and historic meanings of the most popular flowers might help you to get it right when sending the next floral message to your girlfriend.

Flower Meanings – An Alphabetical List from the Society of American Florists:

Flower -         Meaning –

Amaryllis -         drama
Anemone -         fragile
Apple Blossom -     promise
Aster -             contentment
Azalea -         abundance
Baby's Breath -     festivity
Bachelor Button -     anticipation
Begonia -         deep thoughts
Black-Eyed Susan –     encouragement
Camellia -         graciousness

Carnations -         
Pink -         gratitude
Red -         flashy
White -     remembrance
Yellow -     cheerful

Chrysanthemums -     
Bronze     -     excitement
White -     truth
Red -         sharing
Yellow -     secret admirer

Cosmos -         peaceful
Crocus -         foresight
Daffodil -         chivalry
Delphinium -         boldness
Daisy -         innocence
Freesia -         spirited
Gardenia -         joy
Geranium -         comfort
Ginger -         proud
Gladiolus -         strength of character
Heather -         solitude
Hibiscus -         delicate beauty
Hyacinth –c        sincerity
Hydrangea -         perseverance
Iris -             inspiration
Ivy -             fidelity
Jasmine -         grace and elegance
Lavender -         distrust
Lilac -             first love
Magnolia -         dignity
Marigold -         desire for riches
Nasturtium -         patriotism
Orange Blossom -     fertility
Orchid -         delicate beauty
Pansy -         loving thoughts
Peony -         healing
Poppy -         consolation
Rhododendron -     beware

Pink -         friendship
Red -         passionate love
Red & white - unity
White -     purity
Yellow -     zealous

Snapdragon -         presumptuous
Sunflower -        adoration
Sweetpea -         shyness

Tulips -     
Pink -         caring
Purple -     royalty
Red -         declaration of love
White -     forgiveness
Yellow -     hopelessly in love

Violet -         faithfulness
Wisteria -         steadfast
Yarrow -         good health
Zinnia -         thoughts of friends