The Perfect Girlfriend

 Physical beauty and sexiness are always good traits to have, but a stable mental attitude and positive outlook can sometimes make a girlfriend nearly perfect.

Although physical attraction might be the first thing men notice about a potential girlfriend, there are many other traits that are not related to physical attraction that work together to create a package of good qualities that are necessary to build a lasting relationship. Here is a list of the traits that the perfect girlfriend would exhibit in order to become long-term relationship material:

A relationship cannot survive without real honesty and men want to be able to trust their girlfriends in all situations and know that they won’t be deceived. Although it might be fairly easy for women to deceive there boyfriends, mistrust and dishonesty can break any couple apart.

Life naturally presents many ups and downs but when your girlfriend is a positive person, any bumps in the road will be easier to deal with. Someone who sees the glass half empty is not conducive to a lasting relationship.

Females want a boyfriend they can count on to do the right thing in any given situation and most males want the same exact quality in return. Being reliable means being on time, following through on commitments and being a good friend in both public and private situations. When you are sure you can count on your girlfriend, she can count on you too.

Although physical attraction is a primal quality, most men desire girlfriends that are sexy and intelligent in more than just a physical sense. When your girlfriend keeps up her appearance, is outgoing and looks attractive, it just makes it easier to fall, and stay in love.

Women who are confident about themselves in both a physical and mental way exude an air of steady level-headedness that is readily transmitted to others. Guys don’t really want a relationship with girls who are hesitant, unsure and unsteady. Better that a girlfriend is confident about herself, her abilities and your relationship.

Emotional and psychological flexibility is a trait that all humans need, especially if they want to be in a relationship. In today’s modern world full of challenges and surprises, compromises are inevitable, and they are a lot easier to handle when you’re in a relationship with someone who is flexible enough for the task.

Neither sex wants to spend too much time with someone who is always depressed or in a bad mood. When a guy has a partner who can make the best out of any given situation and keep their sense of humor when facing challenges, life is more fun for both partners.