The Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift

 Alright guys, Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, and you don’t want to miss it or mess it up! In a girl’s point of view, Valentine’s Day is just as special as your Anniversary; it is a day to celebrate your relationship together.  You should get your girl something different each year depending on how mature your relationship is at this point. Let’s start from the beginning.

Flowers. Get your girlfriend flowers. It doesn’t matter how far along in your relationship you are, every girl wants and appreciates flowers on Valentine’s Day. So, again, no matter what else you get her, you get her flowers as well. 

In addition to flowers, get the day off of work. The biggest thing your girlfriend wants is to spend time with you on Valentine’s Day, if you’re working all day that defeats the purpose of the celebration. Now, we all know that sometimes working is unavoidable, but if you can, get the day off and dedicate it to your girl. 

Now, as far as your main gift goes, girls truly appreciate something that you thought about, not something that you went and bought that morning. If your gift shows that you really worked and put some sincerity into your gift, you are sure to be a winner boyfriend. For example, hand make her a card, or decorate her room, or make a homemade dinner paired with a romantic night out. If you’re more of an adventurous couple, maybe buy her concert tickets, take her on a romantic moonlight boat right or whale watching (if you live near water), go hiking or camping or even to an amusement park. The point is to go and DO something special and make memories together. 

Then, of course, if your relationship is very serious, jewelry can come into play. The mistake many guys make here is thinking that is a requirement, but it really is not. If you do all of the above, get her flowers, spend the whole day with her, make her dinner and go out and do something just the two of you, it is a guaranteed success. Jewelry will just be the cherry on top of the cake.