The Second Date

 First dates can be very awkward and strange sometimes, and if you really want to get to know someone better, you should consider giving it another chance on a second date.

It’s hard to really get to know a new potential girlfriend on a first date because you both have to overcome the effects of dealing with the “first date weirdness” and overall nervousness that are present on all first dates. This brings up the question of second dates and whether or not a relationship might click after you get to know your date a bit better on a second outing. Many dating experts agree that if you’re really looking for a connection, you should try to hook up for a second date.

Good Reasons to go on a Second Date:

Nerves – People are naturally nervous on a first date and that can translate to all kinds of awkward behaviors in the beginning. Almost all people are more hesitant to laugh freely or come up with just the right thing to say at first, and giving your date a second chance on a different night can help knock the level of nervousness down a notch or two.

First Date Questions – The mundane chatter and simple questions that accompany all first dates can be fun, or not, but you won’t really learn everything about your date on the first outing. And even if the conversation and questions on the first date are a bit boring, it doesn’t necessarily mean your date is a boring person.

No Bond Yet – No new couple has any real bond together when they met up for a first date. It takes time to learn all the different habits and preferences a person has, and it is unlikely you can do it all on a first date. If you want to develop a real bond, it takes more than one date.

Having a Bad Day – No one is “on” every day and it’s a fact of life that people have bad days. If you only see someone one time, you’ll never know if she was a weirdo, or just having a bad day unless you see her again on a different day to compare her behavior.

Physically Unsure – Your date may look great or not-so-good depending on the set, setting and clothing chosen on that day. It is hard to judge what’s beneath the clothing when you only see someone in one outfit. Giving her another chance and more time on a second date will give you a better chance to find out what she really looks like.

Too Soon for Intimacy – Most people are not very touchy/feely on a first date and physical intimacy at this point would probably be a mistake both might regret. Better to make plans for a second date to get a bit more intimate.

Make a Friend Instead – If the first date did not turn out to be a particularly romantic adventure for either party and there was no real physical attraction, maybe you would be better off just making a friend or connection that you can talk to or socialize with. You never know who your date could turn out to be later on in your life if you don’t give them a second chance.