The Secret To What Women Want

​What do girls like the most about you boys?  Well there are lots of things, all of which vary from girl to girl, of course. However read our full proof guide to what women want, and you’ll be a ladies’ man in no time at all.

What does every girl love more than anything else? MANNERS. A boy that was brought up right and respects women as well as other people in general will get much further in life than others (and especially with the girls).  There is nothing a lady loves more than to be treated like a princess. Now of course you don’t have to open the door every single time she gets in the car, but the majority would be nice.  Saying please and thank you to your waitress is a must. Also, the biggest turn on, treating your mother with respect.  Like the old saying goes: He will treat you exactly how he treats his mother. Trust us, these are basic manners you should have been taught as a child. They are completely free, and girls will love and appreciate it more than you know.

What else drives girls wild? TAKING INITIATIVE.  When you and your girl are deciding on, let’s say, where to go to dinner, and you both respond with, “I dunno” it gets old! Instead try, “I remember you really liked when we went…. Lets try that again!” It will go over much better than you both arguing over who should decide. Little thoughtful things like this will make your girl fall for you instantly!