Top 10 Signs She is Into You!

Ever met a girl, and wonder if you should go talk to her? Have a friend that you want to be more? There are plenty of tell tale signs to make sure she’s into you before you take the leap into the unknown!

If she is chatting up the bartender or her waiter, she is a flirty person. If she enjoys the conversation and attention, she will obviously enjoy it from you too!  Flashing around that smile of hers to whoever is walking by means she is a fun, social able person, who would love to be approached by a guy like you!

Its girl’s night! If you see a group of girls sitting together engulfed in intense conversation, do not, I repeat, DO NOT go up and try to talk with them. If girls are deep in conversation, the last thing they want is you to interrupt them. After all, they are probably discussing their boyfriends, or female issues, neither of which should involve you! However, if a group of girls are sitting around, facing the crowds and not each other, while scanning the room, shooting off a smile or flirty look here and there, she is itching for you to go talk to her! Go make your move!

If she is playing games (pool, darts, foosball, etc) she is more likely to be more approachable.  In fact, she is playing in hopes you’ll come up and give her a little attention for it!  Best flirty move – show her how to improve her pool shot!

If after sitting and chatting for a little while, you notice a leg or arm gently touching you, this is a great sign! It’s her subconscious wanting to get close to you!  Take em when you can!

Following these few flirty tips are a great way to tell if she is into you… and when in doubt, go talk to her anyway!