Top 5 Signs You Should Break Up

​Are you and your girlfriend going through a rough patch? Or maybe you are in a complacent place, and wondering if you should proceed or get out now?  Some people tend to stay in unsatisfying relationships out of fear of being alone or out of familiarity. Take advice from the pro’s… read our Top 5 Signs You Should Break Up and see if this is the right relationship for you!

You should break up if…

1.    You have a hostile relationship with her parents. Girl’s parents can be tough to please, but if there is a visible un-healthy relationship between you two, it is safe to assume you probably won’t change their minds. This un-harmonious relationship will only get worse over time. Now, if she is not close with her parents, this may not be an issue (but it might be a different issue all together).

2.    You are completely incompatible. If your life dreams and goals in life are not on the same track, it’s probably time to call it quits.  People change over time, and it is not uncommon to grow apart as a couple on important life issues.  Sometimes peoples paths split, and that’s ok.

3.    The same problems arise over and over again. Whatever the problem may be, if there is a constant issue in your relationship, what makes you think it will ever end? Even if it is a variation of the same issue, make the connection and realize you just are not right for each other.

4.    She is a cheater. Everyone feels differently about this topic, however one thing is for sure. If you have been cheated on, and cannot seem to get past it, it is time to break up. As devastating as this can be, you will be happier with more self respect in the long run.

5.    There is disrespect in the relationship. Everyone deserves to be treated with basic respect. You don’t need to open every door, but you do need to have a genuine respect for all people in your life, ESPECIALLY a boyfriend or girlfriend. If you do not have that respect, or do not receive, it’s time to get out!