Violent Girlfriends

 Everyone who owns a TV set and has seen the Jerry Springer Show knows that a violent woman can be a very dangerous person to be around.

Nearly everyone who owns a television set these days has seen episodes of the Jerry Springer or Maury Shows where mild-mannered conversations about relationship fidelity turn into a stage where two not-so-happy females quickly escalate from merely shouting insults at each other into a full-blown, knock-down, drag-out fistfight. And judging from all the bloodied lips, ripped clothing and pulled-out hair, an angry woman can be a very dangerous person to be around.

If you have a girlfriend that is prone to frequent rages and violent episodes, and she has a very hard time cooling off and coming down from her anger fits, you should probably seek some counseling or other therapy before things get worse. Girlfriends who fly into a rage at the drop of a hat and then are not able to control their physical and verbal behavior are no laughing matter. People who cannot control their anger are responsible for most of the domestic violence in this nation, and in the worst instances it is very important to seek professional help to help her work through her issues before something permanently destructive occurs.

Angry girlfriends need to be handled with care. If your violent significant other can’t seem to control herself, here are a few steps you can take to make sure things don’t escalate:

* If you can establish any type of pattern or issues that trigger her violent behavior, you might be able to find out what is causing them in the first place, and try to prevent it from happening again and avoid violent confrontations in the future.

* Don’t make her mad. If you can see that she is working herself up into a rage and that there will be a violent episode coming up, you need to back off and not do anything that could escalate the problem.

* Try to calmly discuss the problem when she is not angry or violent. You can begin by explaining that you are worried about her behavior and that it affects you and anyone else who may be hurt by it.

* Recognize when you have been defeated.  If her violence ways continue, you may need to leave the relationship and seek a safer place to be.

* Take legal precaution when necessary. Although it can be both emotionally and legally difficult for a male to admit he has lost a relationship, if you need physical protection from a violent girlfriend you may have to initiate a Restraining Order for your own protection.