What is Causing Stress on You and Your Girlfriends Relationship?

by girlfriend.com
​There are many reasons that could cause relationships to fail for boyfriends and girlfriends, or couples about to be married. Communication problems are often the beginning of trouble and if a couple has problems talking to each other before a marriage, the problems will probably get worse over time. Relationships without good communication usually do not last very long, especially when one’s personality is causing the communication problems. Some people have personality traits that can make them incompatible and unable to communicate over issues concerning sex, intellect and emotion.

Negative personality traits can make relationships difficult. Problems with family and friends can often cause minor differences to become major problems and lead to an eventual breakup. If someone is unable to open up and communicate effectively because of a “negative” or “incapable” personality, it is more likely than not this will be unable change over time. Unfortunately, it will just cause an increase of stress amongst both people involved.

 If time and time again, communication is the issue between you and your girlfriend, something needs to change. If your girlfriend’s communication has yet to improve after constant reminders, it is very likely that it never will. This situation is the exact same for males - who often have more issues with communicating anyway. Whoever may be the issue, it is important to address it early, and try and get some resolution out of the situation. If it is just not in the persons nature to have good communication, more likely than not, this will be a problem for the rest of the person’s life.  Relationships are tough enough as it is, let alone adding the stress of poor communication, so if there is no solution in sight, get out while you still can.