What NOT to do on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is the one special day a year in which couples around the world celebrate their love to one another. It can be the most romantic day of the year if it is done correctly; however, it can also mark the end of your relationship if things go awry. 

Instead of telling you what you should do on this special lover’s day, here is a more important list of a few helpful hints on what NOT to do on Valentine’s Day (other than DON'T FORGET!):

1. No Sexy Lingerie: Your lady is smart enough to know that the gift of matching lacey bras and panties is a gift for you, not her. On that note, also never gift her pj’s: she may take this as a sign of your disinterested sexual desires. 

2. Forget Pricey Flowers: Your lady is also smart enough to realize that it takes no effort to call in or order flowers online, and giving her flowers alone shows your lack of thought or preparation. Plus, on January 14th roses will cost $200, and on January 15th those same roses will cost $10.

3. No overly-fancy restaurants: Typical restaurants on Valentine’s Day are going to be jam-packed, meaning your food will be cold, it will be noisy and cramped, and the waiters will rush you out of the establishment. Maybe choose a more low-profile restaurant, or even better, try personally cooking her up a picnic and have a candlelight dinner at the beach or park. 

4. No Cheesy Cards: Girls are much more interested in how much thought you put into this day as opposed to how much money you spent. Don’t purchase a cheesy card and only sign “I Love You”; instead write some heartfelt words about your feelings for her. 

5. No Double-Dates: Don’t ever suggest to make Valentine’s Day a double-date celebration with friends. This can not only ruin your friendships, but can also jeopardize your romantic relationship. Stick with your significant other on Valentine’s Day. 

Sources: Fox News