What To Do (And Not Do) When You Propose

Proposing marriage to your sweetheart is a huge step in your relationship with all kinds of new opportunities and choices for you both to make. Having the perfect proposal will start off your marriage on the best note possible and lead you both into a lifetime of happiness.

Unfortunately, between Hollywood movies and the media, there could potentially be some confusion on just what a girl wants in her proposal; so before you pop the question, take these Do’s and Do Not’s into consideration.


Test the Waters: Before you actually propose, casually talk about the idea of marriage and make sure you are both on the same page. Making sure you both agree on huge issues, such as career choices and children is a vital part of a successful marriage and a proposal with the answer “Yes!”.

Make it a Surprise: Despite the fact a marriage discussion has been made, the proposal itself should be a surprise. Make sure she isn’t expecting the proposal when it happens so the whole experience can be magical.
Be Prepared: Uttering those four words “Will You Marry Me” is a huge deal and can leave you with a frog in your throat. As silly as you may feel, practicing saying it over and over again a few times until you are comfortable with saying them is a great idea. You may be surprised how awkward it felt saying it for the first couple of times out loud.

Pick the Perfect Ring: An engagement ring is something that she will wear for life, so make sure it’s the right style for your princess. If you find an opportunity to casually get her opinion while window shopping, take it! Ask her mother or best friend for their advice too (your bride-to-be has most likely talked to her best friend about her desired ring styles).

Ask Her Parents: Though it’s not the 50’s anymore and approval from the father of the bride-to-be is no longer required, it is still respectful and gentlemanly to speak to her parents beforehand.

Pick a Good Spot: Pick a romantic spot that is sure to be remembered by both of you as your favorite, magical place of your proposal. It can be as simple as your living room or as elaborate as sweeping her away to Paris.
Drop to One Knee: Again, though it’s not the 50’s anymore, dropping to one knee shows your commitment to tradition, to the sanctity of marriage, and to your devotion to her.

Share the News: Bring a cell phone wherever you propose so you can share the big news with your closest friends and family.

Do Not’s:

Don’t Hide the Ring in the Food: This is a corny, cheesy proposal that has been done far too many times on television; this won’t earn you any creativity points. It also adds intense stress on the well being of the ring while it is being prepared, and you face the possibility of your bride-to-be choking on the ring or even cracking a tooth.
Don’t Pop the Question at a Sporting Event: No matter how big of a sports fan she is, don’t propose during a large sporting event. The hustle and bustle of the game and the crowd is distracting and takes away from the intimate focus of the moment.

Don’t do it in Front of Family:
Having the family be involved is great, but proposing in front of them just adds additional stress that is unnecessary. The news can be shared immediately afterward and everyone can be involved in the planning process instead of the proposal.

Don’t Propose Too Early: Proposing too early can cause you both to jump into something that you may not be ready for. Marriage is a lifetime commitment that both partners should be completely ready and prepared for.

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