Your Romantic Calendar

​These days, it seems there are two distinctly different approaches most men take when trying to remember the most important days of the year. Some guys plan ahead for the important dates in their relationships, while others simply let the important dates like birthdays and anniversaries sneak up on them and then they are always surprised when they have to rush out at the last minute to buy cards and gifts.

Planning ahead for birthdays and anniversaries makes sense, and when it comes to your girlfriend, planning can be romantic, and shows more love and affection than any last minute card or flowers. Every relationship is different of course, and different couples will have different dates they choose as the most romantic. However, it helps if you can agree on what days are the most important to you and your partner in advance. That way no one gets caught by surprise when a big date comes around. This means you should get a good calendar and mark the key dates for your relationship on it so you can both share the joy of celebrating your most important dates together. It will also help you avoid the misery and suffering you will have to endure if you happen to forget one of those key dates that your significant other cherishes.

Three Key Dates on Your Romantic Calendar:

Your Girlfriend’s Birthday -

Forgetting your girlfriend’s birthday may not be a fatal act, but it could be close to one, and it can be very damaging to any romantic relationship. Obviously, marking this date down on the calendar makes sense. If you really want to hedge your bets against forgetfulness on this key date, you can always stock up on appropriate cards and gifts in advance.

Valentines Day -

Most people today agree that Valentines Day is one of the most romantic days of the year, and one that has spawned a tradition of lavishing your romance partner with love, silly gifts and other romantic attentions. Forgetting to mark this important date on your Romance Calendar could spell the end of your romance.

Your Anniversary -

Whether you are married or not, every couple has an anniversary date whether they celebrate it or not. Even if your partner does not remember the date when you first got together, you can score big points for remembering to observe the occasion yourself. Celebrating your anniversary together can strengthen and improve your relationship too.